Superbones Superwounds East 2022 Conference PRESENTs Live In-Person after 2 1/2 Years of Virtual

About the Conference

PRESENT e-Learning Systems returned to live in-person conferences after pivoting to virtual 2 ½ years ago, presenting the Superbones Superwounds East 2022 Conference to a full lecture hall and packed hands-on workshops at the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, Teaneck, NJ on April 29-May 1, 2022. Attendance was over 250 plus exhibitors. During COVID, PRESENT delivered 13 virtual conferences to over 6500 attendees which became, at times, the only CME conference experiences for podiatrists. PRESENT CEO, Alan Sherman, DPM, expressed in his introduction, that “The sharing of clinical experience is an essential element of lifelong education for doctors, and we do it best, when we do it together at in-person conferences.” The In-Person Weekend was followed by a Virtual Weekend Conference May 14-15, 2022 to accommodate over 400 attendees who wished to have this format. The next PRESENT conference, the Podiatric Residency Education Summit East 2022 will also take place live in-person at the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, August 12-14.

Live In-Person Conference Workshop Passport Winners

William Dunleavy, DPM
Javier de Jesus Orpi, DPM
Howard Abramson, DPM
Joshel Brown, DPM
Peter Betzios, DPM

Steve Poling, DPM
Anie Cherian, DPM
Aaron Glockenberg, DPM
Angela Cheng, DPM
Amira Mantoura, DPM

Lucia Nguyen, DPM
Michael Scotto, DPM
Abigail Rappa, DPM
Bo Shin, DPM
Michael Laliberte, DPM

Alan Berman, DPM
Joseph Cione, DPM
Walter Perez, DPM
Sandra Garcia, DPM
Lori Lewis, DPM

Virtual Conference Engagement Contest Winners

Julie Gauvreau, DPM
Aliza Lee, DPM
Kathy Grossos, DPM
Simmy Tejsinghani, DPM
Andy Leung

Yaneth Estrada, DPM
Kimberly Cheung
Oluwatosin Ogunlana, DPM
Lucia Nguyen, DPM
Demetrios Grossos, DPM

Venante Toussaint, DPM
Ramin Ghazizadeh, DPM
Yilma Kebelo, DPM
Tracie Shaw, DPM
Gina Tomsho, DPM

Sandra Garcia, DPM
Richard Ross, DPM
Jessica Collins, DPM
Chidi Nweke-Emeka, DPM
Leonid Schreer, DPM

Melissa Hill, DPM
Joseph Cortez, DPM
Joshua Grimm, DPM
Carla Porter-Pursnani, DPM
Abigail Rappa, DPM

What Attendees are Saying

Great to be back live, regardless how good virtual is. I enjoy being at a meeting talking with colleagues, exchanging ideas though, for a very, very low tech guy, even I can manage your site for virtual.
Steve Poling , DPM

This was an excellent seminar, both the live and virtual presentations. Concise and to the point!
William Capece, DPM

Lectures were very good. I enjoyed and learned a lot with the hands-on workshops. Breakfast and lunch was very good too.
Yaneth Estrada, DPM

The meeting was wonderful. I did attend in person and it was very well organized. The staff were great at the front desk and did an excellent job in getting us through the great workshops. The lectures were excellent and pertinent to my practice. I visited with many vendors and they were also very excellent. I shall return.
Rion Berg, DPM

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