Superbones Superwounds Spring 2023 Conference PRESENTs Live In-Person in Teaneck, NJ

About the Conference

PRESENT e-Learning Systems PRESENTed the new Superbones Superwounds Spring 2023 Conference in Teaneck, NJ, live in-person this year in conjunction with education partner the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Extreme weather in Florida kept PRESENT Co-Founder Michael Shore, DPM, longtime PRESENT Medical Director Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, and favorite teacher Marie Williams, DPM, DABPS, DHL from attending, but Drs Anthony Iorio and Benjamin Kamel ably stepped up to “fill their shoes”. Packed small group workshops provided hands-on training to an enthusiastic crowd. PRESENT CEO, Alan Sherman, DPM, said that, “The sharing of clinical experience is an essential element of lifelong education for doctors, and we do it best, when we do it together at in-person conferences. However, more and more doctors are expressing a preference for virtual online education, so PRESENT will continue to produce both types of programming to best meet everyone’s needs.” The next PRESENT Conference, the PRESENT Superbones Superwounds Summer Conference 2023 will be presented virtually countrywide June 9-11, 2023.

Workshop Passport Winners

Jerry Liddell, DPM
Amira Mantoura, DPM
Cathyann Corrado, DPM
Tina Boucher, DPM
Julia McCall-Mboyo, DPM

Chang Kim, DPM
Jaideep Chopra, DPM
Lucia Nguyen, DPM
Anie Cherian, DPM
Mary Reilly, DPM

Elizabeth Weintraub, DPM
Luz Estrada-Gonzalez, DPM
Yaneth Estrada, DPM
Susan Glasman, DPM
Seth Golden, DPM

Lori Gomez, DPM
Monica Rendon, DPM
Lori Lewis, DPM
Linda St Martin, DPM
Howard Abramsohn, DPM
Haidy Awad, DPM

What Attendees are Saying

Very well organized and streamlined. The speakers and subject matters are diverse and current. I've been going for the past 15 years and will continue to go.
Zyad Hobeychi, DPM

The program was excellent as expected. In addition to scientific lectures, there was practice management and documentation advice. The Jon Melton tax lecture alone was worth the drive to Teaneck. Thank you for providing this diverse affordable program again.
Amira Mantoura, DPM

I had a fantastic experience at this years conference. I am a young physician navigating through the hurdles of private practice and I was shown an overwhelming amount of support by my peers. There is an ugly saying in podiatry that we eat our young. This mentality/attitude was no where to be found at this event. I am grateful for this wonderful networking/educational opportunity.
Michael G Sayad, DPM

This is great program and I believe it worth attending. I enjoyed the ambiance, the accommodations were excellent . The hotel staff were excellent and the food was fabulous. So I will definitely be back next year.
Linda St. Martin, DPM

I am very grateful to the organizers. They do a great job to make the conference a good resource for the attendees. Been coming for almost 10 years, Thank you.
Henrietta Obidigbo, DPM

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