Superbones Superwounds East 2021 Virtual Conference
Hosts Largest Audience Ever

About the Conference

Superbones Superwounds East 2021 Virtual Conference hosted its largest event in the 2 decade long history of the conference this past weekend with over 650 attendees and 100 exhibitors in attendance. The interest in online solutions to meet CME requirements and keep informed has not waned. The event was run on a virtual streaming conference platform that allowed extensive interaction between Attendees and Exhibitors. The Live Q&A Sessions continue to be popular and well attended. Post-event CME surveys were emailed to attendees along with instructions as to how to use the 4 on-demand lecture credits on included with registration.

2022 Superbones Superwounds East Will Be a Live In-Person Conference
April 22-24, 2022 – Teaneck Marriott, Teaneck, NJ
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Engagement Contest Winners

Huma Vaid, DPM
April Chin, DPM
Rondrick Williamson, DPM
Roger Beck, DPM
Maggie Yousefpour, DPM
Tracey Walton, DPM
Curtis Holden, DPM
David Fridie, DPM
Rene Settle-Robinson, DPM
Adam Long, DPM

Weijei Liao, DPM
Tina Boucher, DPM
Ramin Ghazizadeh, DPM
Evelyn Heigh-Rosen, DPM
Sandra Garcia, DPM
Eric Espensen, DPM
Kati Waters, DPM
Danny Phan, DPM
Magdalene Armanious, DPM
Sahar Mahzoon, DPM

Song (Rena) Seo, DPM
Andrew Scott, DPM
Jay Mermelstein, DPM
Babak Kaviani, DPM
Matthew Hakeman, DPM
Matthew Kujat, DPM
Marinilda Rodriguez, DPM
Jalpen Patel, DPM
Sean Dunleavy, DPM
Edward Lee, DPM

Azuka Olele, DPM
John Lagoutaris, DPM
Kristen Heard, DPM
Dara Friter, DPM
Lily Nguyen, DPM
Carolyn LaMar, DPM
Brittany Portonova, DPM
Justin Cohen, DPM
Sneha Suthar, DPM
Oluwatosin Ogunlana, DPM

What Attendees are Saying

This was a wonderful way to earn credits and education myself during the COVID pandemic. As traveling has either not been an option or has been limited, Superbones has allowed me to stay current with my license responsibilities as well as provide excellent education and networking opportunities. I have been to several of the Superbones Superwounds conferences and plan on continuing. Excellent experience!
Matthew Hakeman, DPM
Omaha, NE

I had an extremely wonderful experience at the 2021 Superbones Superwounds East Conference this year. The diversity of information within two days was phenomenal! The speakers were extremely professional and the information was vital. It was nice to see physicians other than podiatrists lecturing. I will be reviewing many of the lectures as I took very brief notes. This was definitely worth every cent! Excellent experience. I will be back.
Elida Librada Cervantes, DPM
Elk Grove, CA

I was happy to discover your on line seminars! Loved the seminar for many reasons: variety, short informative lectures and the ease of online. The company behind the technology was fantastic. And nice that you could go back and listen again.
Kimberly Wilkie, DPM
Willow Grove, PA

Grand Sponsor of Superbones Superwounds East 2021

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